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Airbrush Designs

Custom Airbrushed designs. Airbrushing done with Createx's Wicked Colors and then heat set into the fabric. This is the best airbrush paint out there with superior permeability and fade resistance so you will never have to worry about the design washing out or fading for the life of your hat and/or shirt guaranteed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Perfection Airbrushing guarantees that all airbrushed designs will never wash out, fade, or crack for the life of the shirt, hat, and/or beanie or for a period of 3 years. Excluding normal wear and tear. All of Perfection Airbrushing's designs are heat set into the fabric for permanence but if for some reason the design should fade or wash out then just send the beanie back to me and I will touch up the design at no charge

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